Transform Wizard Scripts - History

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Transform Wizard Scripts - History

Postby PJMiller » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:13 pm

I have a number of scripts saved on disk which do things to glyphs, in fact I have built up quite a large number of scripts.

Rather than just making them up on the fly I now consider whether it would be useful in future and if it might be then I save it. All my scrips have filenames starting with 'A_' so they will appear at the top of the list of files.

There are times when I am constantly swapping scripts, Usually just two or three.

It would be nice if there were three or four buttons at the bottom of the dialog box which were assigned to the last three or four scripts run (or greyed out if no scripts have been run yet). The buttons could be labelled with the filename of the script (minus the '.xml').

Pressing the button would load and run that script and possibly move it to the top if it was already in the list. If a new script was loaded from disk then it would be assigned to the top button and the rest would move down one. If you made up a script on the fly but didn't save it to disk it would not affect the list.

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