Windows Title Bar Text

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Jonne Haven
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Windows Title Bar Text

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Greetings All!

My request has to do with the windows title bar text that displays the program, its license, and the name of the project open. It's that latter two that concerns me today.

I have very long project names with version numbers on the end of them that get cutoff sometimes which is not good because I am unable to keep track of the version number of my project at times. I understand that the project name is displayed in the FC project tabs but many times that too is cutoff with my long project names. My request is that perhaps you take off the "licensed to" portion of the windows title bar text to give me ample room to get creative with my project names and versions. I hope this is simple enough to do. I can always see my license in the FC About window.

Thanks ahead of time for your consideration!


Bhikkhu Pesala
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Re: Windows Title Bar Text

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I am sure there is room for improvement there. What I see on opening a glyph edit window is something like this:

FontCreator 13.0 Professional Edition - Licensed to Bhikkhu Pesala - [Garava Extra-Bold Italic - Garava Extra-Bold Italic - Simple - Glyph Index: 1815 - Name]

The Tab Title Text is truncated

tennegativecircled - Garava Ext...
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