Duplicates, How selected & should I just delete all of them?

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Duplicates, How selected & should I just delete all of them?

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I have a new computer with stuff transferred from the old computer.

When I used Maintype to seek out duplicates, it found 1172. I tagged them as such so I can identify them all again.
Are the duplicates that were found all the OLDER version of the font or do I have to examine all of them to make sure? I don't know how Maintype selects the font as a duplicate. Must all the properties of the two fonts be identical for it to be called a duplicate?

Should I uninstall and delete all the 1172 fonts or keep them somewhere in case they are needed at some future time? If keep them, how do you do that?

Thanks for helping a novice with this program.

Bhikkhu Pesala
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Re: Duplicates, How selected & should I just delete all of them?

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Tagging them is a good way to start. I think you should compare them first before deleting one.
I think only the Font Naming needs to match for one to be considered as a duplicate.
Here, for Zapf Humanist one could simply delete version 1.00 and keep 1.01.
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When there is not obvious difference, compare them in the font information panel.
Here, for the Dingbats, one font has more complete PANOSE information, so I could delete the other one. I have fewer than 5,000 fonts in my library, so it is not an issue for me. I have not deleted any duplicates yet. I intentional create fonts that are duplicates: one is a Desktop version, while the other is a Web version with fewer glyphs, and without hinting for hosting on web sites where the smaller file size is important.
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