browse -vs- groups

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browse -vs- groups

Postby Brother Gabriel-Marie » Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:05 pm

While organizing fonts, I found myself in the dillemma of how to do it. I like the idea of font groups named "Western", "Crazy", "3D", "Gothic", etc. But why should I not just do this in the browse tab? If I just move the fonts to folders in the browse tab, then I can click the "see through folders" button and see everything inside. When I use groups, there is no such button, and if "Western" and "3D" are subgroups of "Crazy" then I can't see them unless I click on each individual folder. This is painful if I want to find a font and I can't remember what group it is in. And then there is the problem that MT doesn't update shortcuts if you move a font and your shortcuts in the groups become <FONT NOT ACCESSIBLE>. So why would I use groups instead of browse? Maybe if MT remembered its shortcuts, and if MT had a "see through folders" button in the Groups button things would be better.

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