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Font Tags Repository

Post by bluebug »

It'd be really nice if an option could be added where all known fonts automatically got proper tags assigned. Having to go through almost 2000 fonts and manually applying the proper tag(s) is kind of time consuming. I'll do it, without a doubt, but still...

Perhaps some sort of tag repo could be made into a community effort though, whereby users can opt-in to have their tags uploaded. If a user then adds a new font and tags it, others who later add the same font to their library would automatically get the proper tag(s) assigned to the font.
Any incorrect tags could get flagged by users (by submitting their suggestion for the proper tag) and then get re-tagged after some form of approval.

The only issues I can think of right now would be in custom tags:
  • What one person calls 'Marker' or 'Pencil', another could call 'Handwriting'.
  • Without some kind of translation feature, the amount of tags would become unmanagable. Custom tags would thus need to have a base language (English?) along with the user's chosen language, so others could translate these tags to their language if necessary.
Both could be mitigated by adding more default tags and not syncing custom ones.

Lastly: if new default tags were to get added in the future (say by popular request), it would be great if matching custom tags could then get replaced by the default ones, if the user chooses to accept such a change.
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Re: Font Tags Repository

Post by Bhikkhu Pesala »

I cannot speak for High-Logic, but I don't ever see this happening.

The High-Logic Team is way too small to devote time to setting up or maintaining a repository of tags.

There is no money to be made from this. I doubt if one could find even two users who use the same tags in the same way. I delete all of the tags supplied with a default installation, and add my own. Currently, I only use one tag for marking those fonts in my HTML catalogue that are available for downloading from my site.
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