Drag and Drop capabilities (to Extensis Suitcase)

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Drag and Drop capabilities (to Extensis Suitcase)

Postby damionm » Sun Nov 16, 2008 6:48 am

While I pride myself on using MainType, unfortunately due to limited PC resources, MainType can be a bit of a system crasher on larger fonts (that I use in Graphic Design). For this reason, I tend to use MainType in conjunction to Extensis Suitcase, for that and other reasons. I would LOVE IT if you could drag and drop files from the MainType 'Fonts' (or even 'Information') windows to the interface in Extensis Suitcase. If there were a way to actually 'capture' the actual font file when you click and drag on it in that window to another application, that would be super. Maybe with a combination of keys and then dragging? As of right now, you can do this, but it doesn't actually add the file in Suitcase. Thanks!

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Re: Drag and Drop capabilities (to Extensis Suitcase)

Postby Erwin Denissen » Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:48 pm

First of all I'm not sure if Suitcase accepts dropping font files, you could try if it accepts them from Windows explorer. If not, then it will also fail to drag and drop from MainType to Suitcase. If it does work, then you need to know drag and drop support in MainType is not fully working on all systems. We will do are best to fix that in the next upcoming release. For now you can select fonts in MainType, use the Copy feature and then paste them into other applications that support it.

MainType does not crash on our systems, so I would really like to look into that problem. Can you reproduce the crash with specific fonts?
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