Crash: Vers. 7.0 Build 1012: View Panel

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Crash: Vers. 7.0 Build 1012: View Panel

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Just added 70+ fonts to my font folder. Started MainType so I could categorize them. I have 26911 resources. (Minor Bug: When refreshing the resources, the process runs through once, then runs through a second time, all by itself. It displays 2 pop-up one after the other.)

My normal work flow is to display all fonts, sorting by "grouped"--the recently installed view doesn't always show all of the new ones. So the Grouped: No is at the top of my View panel. Then, I drag fonts into the groups, and then add whatever tags I need to them.

However, this build appears to sort everything as I'm working. I drag the font into a group, but when I apply my first tag, the View panel takes it upon itself to re-order and shunts the font I'm working on down into the alphabetic group order. Then it takes me a very long time to find it again.

I'm trying to apply the tags first, but it's taking a very long time, because with each tag I apply, the View panel goes through its re-ordering process, displaying a "loading" pop-up while its doing so. This takes up to 17 seconds each time. =/


Oh, and I meant to add that before I realized it was doing all this, I kept on trying to add tags while the loading pop-up was showing, and eventually the poor thing got so confused that it lost contact with the FMS and I had to use the config utility to get it all unruffled again.
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