Activating the "Tag Search" panel executes the search [Solved]

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Activating the "Tag Search" panel executes the search [Solved]

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Just clicking on the "Tag Search" panel (title bar, scroll bar, etc) will execute whatever tag search is set.

This makes the "Refresh the font view" button in the Tag Search box meaningless, as it is impossible for any changes to have been made to font tags while the Tag Search box is active. Yes, new fonts might have been added/deleted from auto-sync folders, but how often do people keep the Tag Search box active and keep hitting "Refresh the font view" while doing thing to files on disk and never touch any other UI element in MainType?

Perhaps it would be good to have an option so that Tag Search can be manually activated by clicking the "Refresh the font view" button, instead of always immediately updating when selections are changed. Regardless, searches shouldn't happen when you just click on the panel without changing any selections.
Erwin Denissen
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Re: Activating the "Tag Search" panel executes the search

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We've made some adjustments that will be released soon.

With the next upcoming release the view isn't updated if you change, add, or remove tags. This makes the Tagging process more intuitive.

Because of this change, the Refresh button on the Tag Search panel makes sense (again).
Erwin Denissen
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