Linotype vs FontShop

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Linotype vs FontShop

Post by parkmensch2003 »

Hey i'm a new one here.

I wanted to know why buying Fonts at Linotype is sooooo much more expensive than the FontShop?

Especially for the ITC Officina Font. At Linotype it costs over 500€ and at the FontShop 35€ for one type of the Font. So if i buy 10 types i'm at 350€ which is way more cheaper...

What are the differences between both (other) shops. Are both trusted trader with certified Fonts?

Sorry for my bad english, greetings from Germany!
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Re: Linotype vs FontShop

Post by Alfred »

The ITC Officina Complete Family Pack (as sold by Linotype) contains 20 fonts, not 10.
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