Basic and Extended and Central Template

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Basic and Extended and Central Template

Postby William » Tue May 14, 2013 11:45 am

An interesting feature of Scanahand 4 Premium Edition is that if, when making a new template, one adds in the same character twice, then Scanahand will automatically remove the later item.

Please consider the following web page. ... lates.html

There is a Central Europe Template.

I wondered whether it would be possible to make a new template that is upward compatible with the Basic and Extended Characters Template that is supplied with Scanahand 4: the new template adding in the extra characters that are in the Central Europe Template.

This would require making a clone of the Basic and Extended Characters Template and then adding to it those characters that are in the Central Europe Template yet not already in the Basic and Extended Characters Template.

Remebering the feature mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, I thought it worth trying the following in the Template Editor.

1. Copy all the characters from the Characters panel of the Central Europe Template onto the clipboard.

2. Clone the Basic and Extended Characters Template so as to produce the Basic and Extended and Central Template.

3. Add a space at the end of the Characters panel.

4. Paste from the clipboard.

5. Click OK

Ah, there is an error notification panel from Scanahand.

6. Manually remove the ^ character and the space after it from the newly pasted characters.

7. Click OK.

Yes, it works, Scanahand has removed all of the duplicates.

That produces a 3 page template with a lot of spare cells at the end of the third page.

Regarding the spare cells.

I have thought of adding ligature glyphs $FB00-$FB06 and also $E707 or $EEC5 so as to get a ct ligature glyph into the font.

Maybe add in a few Private Use Area characters from U+EA60 upwards so that an end user of the template could add a few glyph alternates or ornaments if so desired. U+EA60 has been chosen so that in WordPad the glyphs would be accessible using Alt 60000 upwards, which might be easier to remember than the Alt code equivalents of some other Private Use Area codes.

So, this thread is to try to start a discussion over which characters to add to complete the template so that there are no unused cells.

William Overington

14 May 2013

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