Load Bitmap images to Template

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Load Bitmap images to Template

Post by Radioflyer »

In Getting Started in the HELP file it says...
" It is also possible to use Scanhand without using a printer and scanner, but you'll have to draw characters through imaging processing software."
Well that's great but how do you load them into the template?

I've got tons of special alphabets made on Bitmap pages waiting to be made into fonts. So far I cant get started on them.
Bhikkhu Pesala
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You would load the template in your image processing software, and draw on it with a digital pen.

You can also use cut and paste from one image to another. A program with layers would be easier to use than IrfanView as it would let you reposition letters before merging them with the template.
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Dave Crosby
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how do you load them into the template?
Open the saved template with your drawing program, then cut and paste your images into the separate boxes.
Save the finished template with a new name, open it with Scanahand and press Generate.
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