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This is the coolest thing since sliced cheese. I did have a problem with the scan. However I figured it out like this. It First has to be a 'document'. That way you can scale it to 300dbi. Then you have to scan it and save it. Then load it. If you use the scan feature that came with the scanahand it freezes up the computer. Other than that this toy is fantastic. I have created my own runes,,, #GEEKLOVE!!!! :lol:
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Sliced cheese is even worse than sliced bread, but Scanahand is certainly awesome.

I don't use it much because I have FontCreator Pro, and find it easier to import bitmaps directly into FontCreator, which offers more control, but for someone new to creating fonts — especially non-geeks who are more artistic — then it provides a quick way to convert designs into complete fonts.

What is your scanner and Operating System? Scanner support is difficult in many applications — there are so many different models and each with different drivers.

You may like to try cleaning up the scanned template in your Photo Editor (IrfanPaint or MS Paint is good enough), before running it through Scanahand to create your font. Its easy to adjust characters up or down make the baseline more even, for example, or to remove any stray pixels.
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