Fonts in use in Pratovecchio

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Fonts in use in Pratovecchio

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The renaissance artist Paolo Uccello was born in Pratovecchio in either 1396 or 1397.

This inspired a virtual visit to Pratovecchio using Google Streetview. The images are linked in a not zoomed-in state. Zooming-in will often be useful.

L'Oasi di Samira in a script font. ... ,,0,-12.94

On the same building, the word PHAROS in an informal style. ... 2,,0,-5.56

The picture of the lighthouse is clipped a little as part of the image gathering.

However, the following view is also available. ... 2,,0,-4.49

The following web page is interesting.


The lighthouse was built on the island of Pharos and soon the building itself acquired the name. The connection of the name with the function became so strong that the word "Pharos" became the root of the word "lighthouse" in the French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian languages.

end quote

In Pratovecchio there is a Piazza Paolo Uccello.

There is a pharmacy with a stylish sign. ... ,,0,-18.31

Going around the piazza there is an informative sign. ... 56,,0,4.23

The following facility is helpful.

William Overington

24 February 2011
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