The Endangered Alphabets Project

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The Endangered Alphabets Project

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Just wanted to let people know about the Endangered Alphabets Project - a linguistic art/cultural initiative to produce hand-carved inscriptions of some of the most endangered writing systems in the world and display them in their native lands. They are looking for help by offering books and custom carvings in exchange for pledges of support (think PBS and NPR pledge drives). You can visit the project at, and offer support for the project at ... s-project/.

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Re: The Endangered Alphabets Project

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These scripts are disappearing because they have outlived their usefulness. Just let them go — its the way of nature for old trees to die and to be replaced by new ones.

If the ancient literature is of any value to modern society it will have been remembered, retold, and transliterated to modern scripts. The ancient Pali language has survived and is studied by many Buddhists as well as by linguists because it still has value for modern people.

These endangered scripts are disappearing because they have no value. It is just natural selection in action.
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