Turkish ligatures and feedback on Kelvinch

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Turkish ligatures and feedback on Kelvinch

Postby PJMiller » Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:05 pm

I have had some feedback from someone using Kelvinch which I thought might be useful for people.

He said that the fi ligature should not be used for Turkish because Turkish has both the dotted i and the dotless i, they are two different letters with different sounds and different meanings, if you have a word which contains 'fi' or 'ffi' and you replace it with a ligature which removes the dot then it changes the word into giberish. He said that most Turks would understand, roll their eyes, sigh and just carry on reading, but he said it was annoying.

He also said that 'fl' ligatures and others were ok. The issue was the removal of the dot on the i.

I thought I could split the ligatures into two tables, one for the 'fi' and 'ffi' and another for all the rest, most languages would have both tables but Turkish would have only the table without the 'fi' and 'ffi'.

This will mean that the tables have to be demoted to the level of the individual language rather than the script.

Hope this helps.

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