Crown Jewels Font

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Dick Pape
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Crown Jewels Font

Post by Dick Pape »

I have looked at a font which has 5 platforms specified:
  • Macintosh Roman
    Unicode 2.0 and onwards. BMP
    Unicode 2.0 and onwards. full
    Windows Unicode BMP (UCS-2)
    Windows Unicode UCS-4
Is there a practical reason to have so many? Do these overlap with one another? Do they take more space to maintain or cpu cycles to process? If they don't have any language associated with them are they needed/used?

The OTF font is over 4mb in size with 3400+ complicated script glyphs and takes over 5 minutes! to open in FC. Has 5400 kerning pairs - which is also an overkill.
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Dave Crosby
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Re: Crown Jewels Font

Post by Dave Crosby »

All I can say (in awe) is that it is an engraving masterpiece!

Macintosh Roman and Windows Unicode UCS-4 are obvious, but . . .
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