Font Naming and Browser Support

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Font Naming and Browser Support

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I've stumbled on an annoying issue relating to how fonts are named. Best described by an example (using my actual situation):

In Google Chrome 84.0.4147.89 on Win10x64, in the selection of the Standard Font (and maybe others), having fonts named "Kurinto Text" and also "Kurinto Text Aux" and "Kurinto Text HK" causes this issue: Chrome only shows "Kurinto Text Aux" and "Kurinto Text HK" in the selection list, and not "Kurinto Text". There is no way (that I can tell) of selecting "Kurinto Text".

This gives me no way to use "Kurinto Text" font in the browser ... a significant issue when working in Wikipedia to test font functionality against various scripts.

I can't really change my naming system at this point, but others might want to consider this issue. It may be pervasive across browsers (on Windows, at least) because I've seen it in Edge.
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