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Archiving of posts

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An interesting situation has arisen in the United Kingdom in that there are now regulations about legal deposit of non-print publications that came into force on 6 April 2013.

There is a peculiar effect that arises in relation to many non-UK websites, including this forum, namely that the British Library can only gather and archive contributions from non-UK websites made by people where any part of the process has taken place in the United Kingdom.

Archiving selectively from this forum might well be easier than from some other forums as many people have each stated his or her location and that location is displayed with each post.

It would appear that the going rate for these archivings is that only the deposit library in the country where the forum is located is likely to be able to archive everything in a forum.

Here are some links in case any readers are interested in the legal deposit process. The links are not UK specific. ... 1413eo.pdf ... -statement

William Overington

15 April 2013
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