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Add "Merge Outlines" to Paste Special menu

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:06 pm
by nabsltd
This would allow adding the contours/outlines of multiple glyphs on the clipboard to the corresponding glyphs in the font.

There are fonts like Suncatcher that have a base and a "fill" that was meant to be overlaid to create a different look. In this case, the "fill" will fill in the holes if you overprint it.

But, if you instead do a paste of the outlines and then fix the contours with incorrect direction, you get yet another variation that can't be achieved by just an overlay of the printed font. Copy and paste of outlines one at a time is painfully slow, though.

It would also help if you are adding a "box" of some sort to the font. It would allow the design of the characters without the box, and then a quick adding of the box.