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Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2006 4:42 pm
by William
My latest font is now available on the web.

The first published version is designated as version 0.07.

I am interested to know how quickly and how far this font travels around the world, so if anyone downloading this font and trying it out would like to post in this thread, that would be appreciated. Comments about the font itself are also welcome.

How many continents will it reach? How many countries? Will it be used in Antarctica?

For which types of publicaton is it best suited?

Would it look good as the body text in a magazine with the heading in a different font? Perhaps in an advertisement for something stylish? Which fonts would look good as a heading in such an advertisement?

Would poems look good in it? What sort of poems? Would the typeface go best with some poems rather than others?

In which colours would the font be stylish? How about white on red?

William Overington

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 7:28 pm
by William
I have now uploaded version 0.10 of the 10000 font to the web.

This version has thirty-eight glyphs more than did the previous published version, version 0.07.

Six are of regular Unicode ligatures and the other thirty-two are all in the Private Use Area.

There is a combination border design which has the same mapping as the combination border design of Quest text upon which it is based, the Quest text design being inspired by the combination border design of Robert Granjon from the Sixteenth Century.

There are also six glyphs inspired by a television programme about Murano glass jewellery: Venetian coloured glass set in gold. The idea is to display the glyphs in WordPad at a large size, PrintScreen and paste into Paint, then colour, building up a jewellery inspired design from three such glyphs one on top of the other. The colouring could be plain colours or could be textures.

U+E440 Outline of gold.
U+E441 Outine of gold with inner lattice.

U+E450 Solid glass. Maybe in a pale yellowish green.

U+E460 U+E461 U+E462 Outlines with various streaks of glass, maybe orange.

There are also M macron, m macron, N macron and n macron which may help with various languages.

William Overington

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 5:06 pm
by kubik.juice
its a good font. did you do it only in high-logic fc or did you use apps like photoshop?

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 7:29 pm
by William
kubik.juice wrote:its a good font. did you do it only in high-logic fc or did you use apps like photoshop?
Thank you. I produced the font directly in Font Creator 5.0.

I started using three rules for this font.

1. All glyphs a multiple of 256 font units wide.

2. All verticals 88 font units wide, to the left of a 256 font unit grid.

3. All horizontals 88 font units wide, above a 256 font unit grid.

I started by drawing an o. I then produced a b by adapting a copy of o. Next an r by adapting a copy of o. Then an h by adapting a copy of b. I produced an e by adapting a copy of o. Then a q by adapting a copy of b. Then a u by adapting a copy of o. Then an l by adapting a copy of h. Then an i by adapting a copy of l. Then a p by adapting a copy of q.

Thus, although the o took some time, later glyphs were quicker and easier because they were produced by adapting a copy of an already produced glyph. Also, copying a previous glyph keeps the glyphs looking similar in overall appearance.


Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 4:04 pm
by William
I have just produced 10000 Outline in 10000OUT.TTF starting with a copy of 10000 in 10000.TTF and using the Glyph Transformer facility of Font Creator 5.0.

This was achieved using Thin (11, 11) followed by Hollow (22, 22).

The font validated first time!

At small sizes, the font looks terrible on-screen, yet the word Distinctive in blue at 400 point in WordPad looks, to me, well, distinctive!

Here is the word Distinctive! using two ligature glyphs in case some readers might like to copy it and paste into WordPad and then format that text at 400 point in blue using the 10000 Outline font.


Suppose that some large letters were made in aluminium, solid from the 10000 font with a raised outline as in the 10000 Outline font.

I hope that you enjoy using this font.


Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 8:50 am
by William
Version 0.12 of the 10000 font is now available.

Version 0.12 adds a glyph for an sh ligature at U+E714 and a glyph for an sk ligature at U+E715.

The respective Alt codes for use with WordPad are Alt 59156 and Alt 59157.

William Overington

19 March 2007