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Post by William » Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:18 am

Some readers might like to have a look at a small font which I produced yesterday.

It is named Button. It is available as an attachment in the following thread.


The interesting thing about this font is that I produced it in order to produce a 3d model of a button, as in fashion, not as in calculator, using the ImpactPlus program which Serif produces.

The ImpactPlus program can use models from its own preset collection, models made from shapes, models made from characters in fonts and models made by combining other models.

However, making, from shapes, a model with a hole in it, such as for a wall with a window in it or for a button can be difficult or impossible depending upon the desired effect.

However, models made from characters in fonts can have holes in them, because that had to be done for a letter e and so on.

So, I have used FontCreator to make small fonts to provide various shapes encoded as characters, which fonts are then used in ImpactPlus to produce models which have a hole in them, such as walls with windows and, as here, a button.

There is also the BUILD 3D font already available.


William Overington

14 August 2007

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