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Holly font

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 2:20 pm
by William
Earlier today I drew some holly on the whiteboard, using just a corner of the whiteboard.

I made a Print Screen copy and pasted into Microsoft Paint and saved as a bmp file.

The whiteboard is mentioned in the following thread.


I made a small font using FontCreator using the bmp file as artwork. In the font A, B and C have glyphs and space is of the same width as each of them, namely 2048 font units.

Later I produced a pdf in which the font is used.

The desktop publishing file used to produce the pdf uses three layers, one green, one red and one blue. The Holly font is used to produce the green layer and the red layer.

I used the original bmp file to make the font, yet later prepared a bmp of the corner of the whiteboard for use in this post.

William Overington

22 December 2007

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 3:18 pm
by William
Some readers may remember the following thread, entitled "A possible chromatic font technology breakthrough".


I have now produced a version of the Holly font with cencontours as mentioned in that thread.

I have been unable to test whether the font works as I do not have a wordprocessor which has chromatic font handling capability. As far as I know, such a wordprocessor is not available.

However, hopefully some readers will find the font worthy of study using FontCreator.

I feel that what is interesting is that chromatic fonts can now be implemented using cencontours without needing any changes to the TrueType or OpenType specifications, so it is now a matter of whether a software package capable of handling chromatic fonts can be produced.

William Overington

22 December 2007