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Post by William » Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:20 am

This morning I produced a small special-purpose font named Arrows.

There are glyphs only for L, R and hyphen.

The glyph for L is a left-pointing arrow head.

The glyph for R is a right-pointing arrow head.

The glyph for hyphen is a horizontal line.

The font is intended so as to be useful for locally producing signs directly using WordPad. However, it could be useful in other situations, such as producing artwork for a sign in a pdf document.

Some text in a text font of one's choice could be used with L---- or ----R beneath it using the Arrows font.

The text font might be used at a larger size than the Arrows font. For example, the text font at 72 point and the Arrows font at 48 point.

Here is a link to the font.

Hopefully the font will be useful for some readers.

William Overington

14 June 2008

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