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Post by Jowaco » Sun Jul 13, 2008 5:53 pm

An experiment using Scanahand.

This font Kripps2.ttf started life in Scanahand but was subsequently embellished and enlarged in FontCreator 5.6. Hopefully the changes are not so much as to take away, entirely, the spontaneity of the original.

The font is primarily for teachers who are using the 'Cripps' scheme to teach spelling and handwriting in British schools but glyphs have been added which will cover other languages.


The font is meant to echo adult handwriting i.e. of a teacher and not of a child.

Direct download here

Care has been taken to make sure that the font works well. The font has a copyright notice but feel free to use it as you wish.

I hope it will be of use.


Edited: 16/07/08

Some glyphs altered
Kerning pairs

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