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Looking For Statistics Fonts

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 11:08 pm
by themathprof
Have you created a font that has extra characters that can be used for statistics symbos?
Specifically, I'm looking for xbar (x with an overscore or line over it) used for the Mean
of a sample and and P-hat (upside down v over the letter p).

Re: Looking For Statistics Fonts

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:40 am
by Bhikkhu Pesala
It seems that the characters are not included in Unicode, and I could not find them either. However, as suggested on this blog you can create them using combining diacritical marks.

My free fonts have the combining diacritics for what you need — combining overline, macron, and circumflex. This is Pāli.
x-bar p-hat.png
x-bar p-hat.png (6.5 KiB) Viewed 4100 times
Charis SIL has some smart font technology for better positioning of diacritics and should give good results in OpenOffice/LibreOffice.