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quick question

Post by gemonic » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:06 pm

Hi, I have a few questions if I may.

I have yet to get MainType as I wanted to make sure it will do what we need first. I work with a team of about 12 staff doing a lot of document design stuff. At the moment our fonts are a mess. Some staff have some fonts and others do not. Even when we have the same fonts they often have a different filename in windows so that if, for example, I was to open a job that someone else has worked on it will give me errors saying it cant find the font. I can manually go find the font file and select it, but it becomes tedious.

Myself and another member tried copying one set of fonts to the other machine but it still doesn't play nice. Just wondering if we were to get the pro version of MainType, when using the keep in sync option would this alleviate our dramas and make sure that everyone in the team had the same fonts (including file names) on their system.

My apologies if this is covered somewhere obvious and I have missed it.

really hoping this can ease the pain that is fonts in our workplace.

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