Time for some praise

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Time for some praise

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I have watched the development of MainType with eagerness and hope. It is time to give real praise for the developers of my favourite, yes favourite piece of software.

I have been an IT genius and guru (well that's what my wife thinks) for … uh a lot of years, so the way a piece of software feels, responds and solves problems is important. No, it's everything.

I get a sense of pleasure customizing the way the interface sits on my screen and have several views depending on what I am doing, or my mood. I love tinkering with it and mastering it because it (usually) has an answer for everything I am looking to do. And it does it so well.

About once a year I format my PC and rebuild it because it gets a bit clunky with junk software cluttering it. I choose only my best behaved and preciously needed software to go back on. There are about 50 applications and MainType is one of the first to go back. To my delight I found that with a library of now 68,381 fonts it does a refresh in less than 30 seconds. WOW! And it still does that after all the less well behaved stuff (Adobe) is installed.

Thank you guys and please keep up the good work. (My wife just read this and thinks I should get out of the office more.) :lol:
Graham Young - MT9 Pro / FC 12 Pro / Win 10 Pro / Linux
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