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Allow user modification of font foundry list

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:01 pm
by nabsltd
Although MainType keeps the official list of registered foundries up-to-date in a reasonable timeframe, there are a lot of unregistered foundries that use unofficial four-character identifiers.

For example, one font author that does this is "Jester Font Studio", which uses "jfs" as their unofficial identifier. Unfortunately, they only fill in the Vendor ID with "jfs", and not the "Vendor" field with full text, so it appears as "UNKNOWN-jfs".

It would be nice if a user could create a text file (plain text, XML, etc.) that allowed mapping of unofficial IDs to a text name, so that in my example, MainType would then show "Jester Font Studio" if the Vendor ID was "jfs".