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Expose more font metadata

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:30 am
by nabsltd
By "expose", I mean "show in some way". How to do this best is up to you.

In particular, there is currently no way to see the "Version String" or "Unique Font Identifier", and if the fix for displaying the correct font name goes into effect, the "PostScript Name" will also not be visible (since the bug is that the PostScript name is being incorrectly displayed as the full font name). There are also some less important naming fields (WWS Family, etc.) that could also be exposed to the user. And, other information like the OpenType version number, whether a font with TrueType outlines has hinting information included, or what Unicode ranges are in the font would also be useful to see.

Ideally, I'd like everything (including existing available fields) searchable, but even displaying it read-only in the "Font Information" panel would be helpful.