MainType: Panose code bug

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MainType: Panose code bug

Post by Pyanepsion » Sat Jun 13, 2020 11:53 am


PANOSE classification is on 10 rows. Within each of these ranks, there can be an infinite number of sub ranks.

Bug found

MainType sometimes displays 11 values instead of 10, because it simply aggregates the hexadecimal numbers of each row, which leads to big errors. A hexadecimal number can only go up to the value 15 (F). I suggest that MainType uses the same format as FontCreator.


MainType indicates for the Blackadder ITC font an 11-digit Panose code, 425551072D2, while the PANOSE code is rather a sequence of 10 values, here in hexadecimal 4-2-5-5-5-10-7-2-D-2, each value being able to go from 0 to infinity.

See also with 11 values:
Blackadder ITC
Fette Fraktur


As we can briskly exceed the hexadecimal value F (15), we now use the values in the form of an Arabic number: 4-2-5-5-5-16-7-2-13-2, as in FontCreator.

More about PANOSE: PANOSE 2.0.

1. Display the PANOSE code as in FontCreator: 4-2-5-5-5-16-7-2-13-2.
2. Add the “translation” of each row as in FontCreator, and better with an Internet field by value: Latin Decorative-Derivative-Book-Normal-Medium Low-Script-Drawn distressed-None-Cursive-Extended Collection, which is clearly more usefull than a complicated code to understand.

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Re: MainType: Panose code bug

Post by Erwin Denissen » Sat Jun 13, 2020 12:42 pm

Good point. With a next upcoming release we will format it like this:

We will also include a new comma delimited font variable, {FONT_PANOSE_TEXT}:
Latin Text, Any, Book, Condensed, Medium Low, Any, Any, Normal/ Contact, Any, Constant/ Large

We want to avoid a dash, as there are individual descriptions like these:
  • Non-standard Elements
  • Wild Brush - Drips a lot
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