Crash with HL Fonthandler Plugin for InDesign [Solved]

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Myrna Larson
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Crash with HL Fonthandler Plugin for InDesign [Solved]

Post by Myrna Larson » Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:39 pm

I am running Windows 7-64bit and InDesign CS5.

For me, the HLFontHandler plug-in for InDesign was a complete disaster :oops: :oops: !!!

Whenever I tried to open an existing IndD document that used uninstalled fonts, InDesign would crash. I spent 2 days figuring out the problem: I uninstalled all recent Windows Updates, uninstalled a couple of programs that I had installed since I last created an InD document, uninstalled and reinstalled CS5 twice, etc, etc. Only after creating a new user account and running InD from there did I get some clues as to the problem. Now, when Windows was sending info about the crash to Microsoft, I had a Details button so I could see that the crash occurred in HLFontHandler.pln I had no idea what that plug-in was -- I wrongly assumed it was part of InD.

Eventually I found the HLRontHandler folder in my InD plug-ins folder. Once I moved it to another place for safe-keeping, my InDesign problems were cured :D :D !!!

Evidently the HLFonthandler plug-in was installed on June 6 when I installed the trial version of MainType. I don't remember whether the installer asked about installing the plug-in or not. After a few days I uninstalled MainType, but this plug-in was NOT uninstalled.

This bug was very hard to track down: In the last month I had only created new InDesign documents, saved and printed them, and never needed to open an old document until July 8.

Does the plug-in work correctly if MainType is installed? If so, the bug is that uninstalling MainType doesn't uninstall the plug-in.
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Erwin Denissen
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Re: Crash with HL Fonthandler Plugin for InDesign

Post by Erwin Denissen » Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:21 pm

I know our main software developer Leon is already working with you in order to fix this issue, but I want you to know the provided information here will be a big help.

We are very sorry about the inconvience and hope to sort this out very soon.
Erwin Denissen
Proven Font Technology

León Fridsma
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Re: Crash with HL Fonthandler Plugin for InDesign

Post by León Fridsma » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:55 pm

Hi Myrna,

After taking a look into this issue I noticed that there was indeed a small bug that could cause InDesign to crash when the fontservice is not installed. I have resolved the bug and it will be fixed in the next MainType update.


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