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"Syncrhonize the selected font folder..." syncs all folders in tree

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:26 am
by nabsltd
In MainType, 64-bit:

When a sub-folder of a "keep in sync" folder is selected, and the "Synchronize the selected font folder with your file system" button is clicked, all folders in the tree that the folder belongs to are checked for sync, not just the selected folder and sub-folders.

With many thousands of font files in a particular tree, this can take a long time. The whole point of using the button is to just sync that particular folder and sub-folders, since there are buttons to sync all folders, and if the user needs to sync more of the tree, they can just select higher up in the structure and click the "Synchronize the selected font folder..." button.

Yes, I could avoid this by splitting the tree more, but I organize my fonts by foundries, and this would give me 205 sync folders I would have to add separately, instead of one base folder that holds all the foundry sub-folders.