How to undo font deletion within MainType

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How to undo font deletion within MainType

Post by Erwin Denissen » Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:36 pm

Since we've added more and more support for cleaning up font libraries, there is also a noticeable increase of support questions related to undoing such house-keeping.

The trick is to unignore all fonts you've accidentally deleted/removed through MainType. If you have removed fonts from your font library and marked them to be ignored from MainType they will be added to the list of ignored fonts. If you no longer wish to ignore a font you need to remove it from the ignore list.
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To unignore individual items, select the items you want to repair and click "Unignore Selected". To unignore all items at once click "Unignore All".

Then the fonts will be restored to the MainType library.

Now if you also need the physical files, do select the fonts select the font(s) in the font view and right-click one of them to select "Export...". You are then asked to select a folder where you want MainType to save the font files on your file system.
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