Reduced font alphabet .

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Reduced font alphabet .

Post by saeedmasjedi » Wed Jun 21, 2006 10:00 pm

I am inventor and I have many invention ,
I am trying to make digital cub font , like calculator font like number 8 fonts
which is 2 cube on top of each other . and there is no more upper or lower case .
the benefit of this system is .
1) simpler to read and write
2) simpler for computer text reader to read it from paper print .
3) easier to learn kid can learn how to write in 3 month .
4) with help of computer we need only one hand to type , keyboard for this system look like big track ball and need one hand to operate .
5) insted of 28 english character we have only 20 character or less ,
you see this alphabet font has only 7 character which when work in tamden they can create 20 english character with with computer deciphering can produce 28 english character , another world on keyboard there is only 7 character and computer help to decipher the spelling and computer knows what to type (like automatic spell cheker)
for example there is no more C and character K would be used insted of both C and K , for example if I type Kat on vall thus computer decipher as cat on the wall . because there is no more C and W .
for example there is no more J character insted character G does the job of both for example if I type gudge , computer decipher as judge .
this way we only need 20 english character or less .

so what we are going to do 2 thing A) use cube font , for easier reading . B) we are going to reduce english character from 28 to 20 or less so one english (latin) character has 2 or 3 function and sound , C) this system would make spelling easier because it is computer decipher system . any how .
but to start we need cub font like calculator font one way or another .
Now :
I need help to develop this reduced instruction font alphabet ,
it would be great servic to scince and culture .because it make every thing easy .
childern can lear alphabet only in 3 month.
does any one have any interest to help me .
my E-mail is
my phone number is 213 622 5889
Saeed Masjedi

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