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Using fonts in Windows applications

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 11:18 am
by William
An interesting feature about Windows which I learned about some time ago is that if one opens a font, including from a floppy disc, then if one starts a Windows application, such as WordPad, then the font is available within the application, even though it is not installed in the fonts directory on the hard disc of the PC.

The word "opens" may not be the correct parlance here: for the avoidance of doubt I am meaning that one double clicks on the font file and the message about the quick brown fox is displayed on the screen.

I am wondering if the same facility is available if someone is using a networked PC which does not have a hard disc yet which has a simulated C: disc in RAM (random access memory) and a floppy disc. For example, the sort of system installed in some public libraries.

Does anyone know please?

William Overington