Which font for my CV?

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Which font for my CV?

Post by sntt » Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:48 pm

I am preparing a CV. I am an engineer, so I don't want to anything exotic - just tidy and legible. For the printable version, I have decided to use Century Schoolbook for the body text and Verdana for the section headings. For the email version, I have decided to use, Arial for the body and Cambriafor the section headings.

For both versions, I want to put my name in large print at the top as a the title. I quite liked the look of Cooper Black, which seemed to me to be solid and dependable yet rounded. However, my wife burst out laughing and asked me if I want to work as a clown :( Do you agree that Cooper Black is comical? What would you suggest as an alternative?

Dick Pape
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Post by Dick Pape » Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:38 pm

Your two choices for body text are Century Schoolbook, a serif font, and Arial, a sans serif. And your selection for the section headings are also a serif and sans font. I might try resolving that difference -- perhaps use the sans (Verdana or Arial) for the body and the serif (Century Schoolbook or Cambria) for the section headings. This will simplify your selection efforts. (Some people don't like Arial as too common!)

I think an extra bold font like Cooper Black might be too heavy when compared to your other fonts. Also, the rounded serifs are too informal for an engineer, imo.

I would suggest a slab serif bold font might be a better fit -- such as Rockwell Bold. You need to test these fonts to make sure the whole design is consistent and not overpowering.
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One caution is that unless you can guarantee the receiver of your communications has the same fonts installed as you (which you can't) they won't see your special design, even for Arial - unless you send it as a pdf.

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