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Missing subtables in CMap table such "Format 4 subtable"

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:07 am
by Mei

I am creating TTF from fonts embedded with Pdf. I am facing problems with a embedded fonts those have missing subtables. In a particular case I am having only one sub-table with Platform Id=1 and Encoding Id=0. This clearly shows the font can used in Macintosh but could not be used in Microsoft platforms, since Microsoft needs Platform Id=3 and Encoding Id=1(Non Symbolic).

What should I do in this case?. If I need to recreate some sub-tables inside CMap table such as "format 4 table" , How can I recreate them(Using which info)..

In some cases I believe some needed tables are also missing form "FontFile2" such as "OS/2" or "post".. But specifications says they are not mandatory.

I could understand that some tables are removed from Pdf generating tools to reduce size cause this issue.. How adobe manages this to getting displayed correctly.. What we are missing.