Advanced mobile telephones, iPads and fonts

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Advanced mobile telephones, iPads and fonts

Post by William »

As some readers know, I have been researching for some years on Communication through the Language Barrier using Localizable Sentences, each sentence from a finite set of sentences being encoded as a single character, with an associated symbol for each sentence as well.

I have been making TrueType fonts for the research using FontCreator.


I am thinking about how an app for an advanced mobile telephone or an iPad could be produced so as to implement the ideas in the research.

A key issue is that the app would, ideally and preferably, though not absolutely essentially, need a special font, a font that contains the symbols.

Does anyone know about fonts for advanced mobile telephones and iPads please?

I am wondering what is the format for such fonts. For example, are TrueType fonts used, or something else? Also, can a special font be added to an advanced mobile telephone or an iPad by an end user, and if it can, how is that achieved please?

William Overington

28 August 2012
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