Font Design Ideas - Graphology Handwriting Analysis

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Dave Crosby
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Font Design Ideas - Graphology Handwriting Analysis

Post by Dave Crosby » Sat May 11, 2013 1:05 pm

As with everyone else, my handwriting changes as I get excited, sick, happy, sad . . .
What was John Hancock thinking when he wrote his name so boldly long ago?
Do people who think highly of themselves tend to write in huge swoops while lesser mortals crimp in small script?
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Mind/hand interactions have made for interesting and artistic designs for those of us interested in making fonts, regardless of whether or not they reveal our inner most guarded secrets.

After examining sites like you might want to make some fonts to express your emotions. A happy font, a sad font, etc.
Have you looked into the handwriting of various presidents? ... nature.htm

So many fonts yet to be created!
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Aut nunc aut nunquam

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