The Font Creator Program v4.0.5 (v4.0.5.145)

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Erwin Denissen
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The Font Creator Program v4.0.5 (v4.0.5.145)

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A new release is available through the forum.

What is new:
- Added paste support for composite glyphs (copy one or more glyphs from the Glyph Overview window and paste them inside a Glyph Edit window that contains a composite or an empty glyph)
- Added a feature that shows all selected glyphs (max. 256) in the Preview toolbar. Press ‘P’ when the Glyph Overview window is active.
- Improved the Paste Special feature, now it is possible to deselect "copy glyph outline data" and copy just the mapping data.
- Improved the way to enter negative values in all numeric edit boxes (like the side bearings and advance width boxes).
- New shortcuts added to the Overview window. + and - will increase (factor 1.25) and decrease (factor 0.80) the glyph dimensions.
- Several minor improvements
Unzip it and copy it to your existing fcp4 folder.

If you are willing to try this release, let me know your results by posting your comments and bug reports in the corresponding forums (the announcements forum is read-only).

Although I don't know when these enhancements will be added, here are some items that are high on the to do list:
- Add/ Subtract and Intersection – perform these operations on two or more contours
- Improve Import Image
- Extend Problem Report
- Mapping/ postscript compatibility support. Problems will be mentioned in the Problem Report. Based on the current mappings all corresponding postscript names will be generated (AutoPostscript). Also based on the postscript names all mappings will be generated (AutoMapping).
- Font Transform wizard. With this wizard you will be able to perform several operations on a complete font. Operations include outlines transformations like rotate, scale and move.
- Add import and export support. It probably will be a XML file with outline information that can be imported and exported.

I also want to add a feature that will always set the left side bearing at x = 0. This seems to be an unwritten rule. Several people have reported display problems that occured when a glyph's left side bearing was set to a (large) negative value.
Erwin Denissen
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