The Font Creator Program v4.2.6 (v4.2.6.175)

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The Font Creator Program v4.2.6 (v4.2.6.175)

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This release can only be used as an upgrade. Therefore if you have never installed version 4 before, first install the full release from the download page.

This is the first release in months. The help file is still not updated yet. I'm going to update the help file during the next couple of weeks. I intend to release v4.5 later this month. Version 4.5 basically will be the same as version 4.2.6 but it will be available as a full install version with help file and other necessary files.

Most important changes since version 4.1.11:
- [v4.2.0] Set Left Side Bearing at x=0 (see Tools -> Options -> Font)
- [v4.2.0] Better support for assigning code points from the Supplementary Planes
- [v4.2.0] Glyph Transformation window (scale, rotate, etc. all glyphs)
- [v4.2.2] Select incomplete glyphs. This way you can delete unwanted glyphs.
- [v4.2.4] Bookmark support in the Overview window
- [v4.2.4] Improved Import Image feature
- [v4.2.5] Added drag and drop support for import image on both Overview and Glyph Edit windows
- [v4.2.5] Added Launch Externals from Tools menu for Fonts folder and CharMap
- [v4.2.5] Next and previous contour – walk through. (Q and W) (for points this was already added in 4.1.12)
- [v4.2.6] Snap to grid and guideline support when creating a new contour
- [v4.2.6] Lock guidelines support
- [v4.2.6] Extended the Naming tab on the Options window. This information is added when you create a new font through File --> New
- [v4.2.6] Generate postscript names feature added to the Postscript Names window
- [v4.2.6] Calculate supported Unicode ranges on Font Settings --> Ranges tab
- [v4.2.6] Calculate supported codepages on Font Settings --> Ranges tab*
- [v4.2.6] Added predefined preview text (preview.txt) used by the Preview toolbar**

*) currently not functional.
**) in order to make this one work, you need to save this file into the folder where fcp.exe resides. Additional preview samples are welcome!

Download the Font Creator Program v4.2.6 here:

Unzip it and copy fcp4.exe to your existing fcp4 folder (usually C:\Program Files\High-Logic\Font Creator Program), overwriting the existing file. If you want to preserve the existing version, rename it to fcp4old.exe before you copy the new file.

As always, suggestions and requests are welcome. Let me know your results by posting your comments and bug reports in the corresponding forums (the announcements forum is read-only).
Erwin Denissen
Proven Font Technology
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