In Their Own Handwriting

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Dave Crosby
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In Their Own Handwriting

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Genealogists, teachers, graphologists, all who love distinct handwriting or just want to honor a friend or relative will love this product.

Scanahand makes it so easy to convert those old letters into living fonts so you can tell their stories in THEIR own handwriting.

I used Scanahand to scan the letter, then another imaging program to select the best character version and then paste it into the appropriate template space.

What a neat product!

You will want to make the original as dark as possible before proceeding.

If you plan on making a cursive "flowing script" use your 30 day free trial of FontCreator. Press F11 and see how moving the Bearings and points affect the finished font.
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Re: In Their Own Handwriting

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Great Idea Dave, thank you for sharing it...Joanne
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