A Warm Welcome for Scanahand!

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Dave Crosby
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A Warm Welcome for Scanahand!

Post by Dave Crosby » Tue Feb 12, 2008 1:47 pm

There is a new product from High-Logic blowing the Font Creation world around. It is named:


I was lucky enough to be selected as a Beta Tester.
I downloaded and started the program; Image

and (Step 1) printed out the template after selecting Tools > Options a light green Baseline
and yellow lines for Capheight, x-line, and Descender.

I'm an old guy with shaky hands that NEVER had great handwriting.
Because of spacing and connecting points, Flowing Scripts are hard to make even with expensive programs,
but I decided to try one anyway.

To make a short story long, I (Step 2) filled in the template using a Pilot Neo-Gel pen and ran it through my scanner.

You can barely see the green and yellow lines.
That is good, because it keeps them from becoming a part of your characters.


and (Step 3) pressed the Generate Button.
Wow! It was like watching a ticker tape move across the monitor as my font was created.


Within 5 minutes I had a fully functioning font I could save to my Windows Font Folder and use with my word processor!
Even with my shaky hand the results are better than my "normal" handwriting EVERY TIME!


BUT, then after saving it, I pressed the last button in the Generate line above.
Just like that I was editing the line spacing using FontCreator. Here are the results after just a few minutes.


Then after a little more cleanup I made a Bold version so it is now a two member Font Family:


You can download them here:

This is by far the fastest (under a half hour) I have ever produced a new font that I can be proud of.

This inspired changes in Yolanda, another font I'm working on.

Thanks Erwin for another product in Fine Fonting!
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