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Picture this "Signature"

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:26 pm
by Dave Crosby
This really belongs in a Scanahand Discussion Forum, but as that does not exist yet I'm placing it here.

When I was a kid we experimented with making "faces" using the letters in our names.
We thought they turned out better than the scrawls Doctors used for signatures.

For David, I used D for the head, A for the eye, V for the nose, I for the mouth, and d to suggest the ear and sideburn.

Image Image

For Crosby (not pictured) I used C for a big ear, R (face down) for the mouth and chin, o for the eye, S for the eye socket and nose, B on top (on its back) for a cap, and Y at the bottom to suggest the neck and shirt. It looked a little like Popeye.

What can you come up with for your name?
Care to share here?


Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 2:01 pm
by Dave Crosby
Once you have your signature just the way you want it use FontCreator to add it to all your fonts.

Just use Tools > Options > Sample


and select the font with your signature. You may need to click on View > Toolbars > Sample to view it.

Open the font you want to add your signature to and open the ^ Editing Window. Delete the glyph there.
Now just scroll down the left hand Samples until you reach your signature.
Click on it and it will turn blue. Click again and drag it into the Editing Window. Move the Right Bearing to include the whole signature.
Save the font.

Open your next font and repeat.