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Re: Scanahand 2

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Timo Kähkönen wrote:The Scanahand 2.0 is out!

I installed the program and made a few testing.

It seems very good and the template editor is wonderful! You really can add custom characters and ranges and alter the existing ones. And you can share templates with your friends via xml files.
A lot of people requested the new features and enhancements, so we are really glad we've been able to include them in this release.
Timo Kähkönen wrote:Some issues came to my mind:

In the Template Editor the fields are grey and not editable. It took me few seconds to find that you must click Add or Clone to edit template. The user's first think is that there are some functionality disabled in this edition. The simple solution to this is to add a tooltip to greyed fields that says something "This builtin template is not editable. Press Add or Clone to make your own editable template."
I agree it could be a little confusing the first time you open the template editor, but it does mention the first three templates are read only. Besides when you press the Help button it also explains it all.
Timo Kähkönen wrote:In the Template Editor's Positioning there could be a sample character to help seeing the meaning of the font jargon (ascender etc.). If not an interactive one, then a static sample in the side of the dialog box. Or perhaps separately in the help window.
That was actually something that should have been added to the help section, but didn't make it in time.
Timo Kähkönen wrote:I have not yet tested generating font, but is there a preview where user can see how different conversion settings affect to the result?
No, that is not included.
Timo Kähkönen wrote:Could there be a selection whether to print sample glyphs to slots to help to draw glyphs in the right vertical position?
I'll add your request to the to-do list.
Timo Kähkönen wrote:Could there be a selection from which font to get the metrics (ascender etc.)? The same font could then be used for sample glyphs that could be printed in the slots. IF the sample glyphs affect negatively to the outline quality, the user can well use
- a very light color or
- adjust scanned file to dim samples
- to use light box (maybe like this: lighttracer). The template with samples below the without samples one, so the light shows where to draw.
Right now we don't have plans to add this.
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Re: Multi Page Template and Customizer

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Are these available in Scanahand 3.1 xml-file?
- Include Signature, Signature cell count, Signature unicode point and similar
- Include predefined diacritical marks
- paper size
- margins

All of these have significant influence in layout and/or generated font and to ensure sharing template without need of adjusting settings manually, they should be set and get by xml.
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