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Vertical guidelines

Post by William » Wed May 08, 2013 10:13 am

At the moment Scanahand 4 has four horizontal guidelines.

There are, however, occasions where vertical guidelines would be valuable as well.

The idea for having the vertical guidelines was because I was thinking of making a custom template with some Private Use Area cells so that a template could be used to produce a handwritten font that also includes a handwritten version of Robert Granjon's Arabesque combination border.

I have found the following link. ... eID=100010

However, the idea could also be useful for symbol fonts generally.

There is also the case of wanting to produce a hand-drawn monospaced font.

There is a balance between having Scanahand straightforward for beginners and having super facilities for people who want to try something more detailed.

So could you please consider vertical guidelines available on a checkbox option that is by default turned off? That would keep Scanahand starting up as it does now, yet allowing the vertical guidelines to be turned on by an end user on those occasions when he or she chooses to use vertical guidelines.

William Overington

8 May 2013

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