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highwaykind wrote:Where is the align tool? (FCP5.0 pro) - I'm just snapping to a horizontal/vertical guideline now.. (which also works)
The align and distribute toolbar is available since version 5.5. See the toolbar at the bottom of this screenshot:


Upgrades are only free for people who bought a license for v5.x. Since you purchased a license for version 4 and then got a free license for version 5.0 your registration code can't be used with version 5.5. So in order to use version 5.5, you need to upgrade. The upgrade costs US$ 70.00. For more details take a look at our registration page:

For a list of all significant changes see FontCreator - Release History
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Thanks, I see!
At the moment an upgrade for me won't be worth it though, 5.0 can do what I want.
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