how can match each glyph into alt key 7F-FF?

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how can match each glyph into alt key 7F-FF?

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I have a problem, would you help me?
Since i create a new characters and map to 0x00 to 0xFF, some characters cannot use in microsoft excel 2000.
For example, a character is mapped to 0x81. In the windows character map, i can see it. Then i selected the character and copy it. Next, i opened MS excel 2000 and paste it in a cell.

However, it cannot work. Have anyone to know where the problem is?
Since i have tried another characters, some of characters can be pasted in excel such as character 0xFF.

Also, have anyone to know how can i map the short cut key instead of copy and paste in the character map. for exampe, I type ALT+0255


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