Strike through

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Strike through

Post by Jowaco » Sun Nov 03, 2002 7:27 pm

Hello all,
I wish to strike through (or cross out in UK parlance) upper case characters, not with a horizontal stroke but with a slanting stroke rather like a forward slash. Does anyone know how the mechanism of strike through works? My efforts so far have been successful but clumsy and virtually unusable, for example, I modified a font so that all lower case characters typed gave upper case characters with the stroke through them. Fine, but then I had no lower case characters! The next idea was to find a little-used glyph, say the grave, and place in its position a slanting stroke, in a negative x-position, and make the bearings both coincide at 0 in order to give no advance when the grave is used to strike through the previous character. Works well until you come to try to use Backspace at a later stage for corrections. Another difficulty with the last idea manifested itself when the characters are of different widths so that three slanting strokes, in different negative positions are required for example for A, I and W.
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Strike out before you type it.

Post by Bhikkhu Pesala » Tue Nov 26, 2002 5:10 pm

:idea: You could try typing the stroke before the letter to be struck out. Position the character to the RIGHT of the origin, but still use zero advance width. I had a similar problem with using combining diacritical marks with different width characters. Only problem is people would not expect to type the accent first before the letter. Too non-standard to adopt, so I have to create separate accented characters.

:?: A neater solution might be to use a different font colour. Instead of redline and strikeout, try redline and blueline. Or you could design a strikeout character made up of a grid of small dots.
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