How Do I seperate character from a jpeg

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How Do I seperate character from a jpeg

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Using Font Creator 7.0 trying to import a graphic which shows a whole alphabet in one file, select trace to vector which program does, but then assigns the converstion to 1 character of a font. How do I scan / import and separate the file so I can assign the various outlines to various letters of the alphabet. Is there any videos showing how to import a graphic of an alphabet and separate it to use in FontCreator.

Getting very frustrated on learning just the basics of making a ttf font with this program.

Please advise.
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Re: How Do I seperate character from a jpeg

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The easiest way is to open the JPG in IrfanView, select the character you want to add, then copy and paste the selection into the appropriate Glyph in the FontCreator glyph overview.

See the tutorial on Scanning an Entire Alphabet
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